Accutemp® Probe Covers

Accuracy: The Heart of Temperature Management

Clinical investigations of infants in incubators and radiant warmers clearly show the importance of accurate temperature maintenance in order to properly manage apnea, metabolic rate and insensible water loss. AccuTemp® disposable temperature probes and probe covers allow for the most accurate reading of the patient’s true skin temperature.


  • AccuTemp disposable temperature probes are designed for single patient use during the patient’s length of stay, decreasing potential risk of crosscontamination and improving hospital cost recovery
  • Low profile sensor design allows probe to be held securely in place, optimizing heat conduction from the skin to the probe
  • AccuTemp and AccuTemp Plus probe covers feature highly reflective gold mylar and an added layer of foam insulation that serve as a superior barrier against both ambient and radiant heat
  • AccuTemp Plus Insulated Hydrogel Covers provide a very gentle method of securing temperature probes to fragile skin. They may be easily and comfortably repositioned and reapplied to reduce product waste
  • All temperature probes and probe covers are Latex Free and DEHP Free
  • Made in the USA

ITEM# Description Quantities
120 Acrylic Disposble Temperature Probe Cover 120/box
120P Acrylic Disposble Temperature Probe Cover, Preemie 120/box
120S Acrylic Disposble Temperature Probe Cover, Small 120/box
175 Hydrogel Disposable Temperature Probe Cover 75/box
175S Hydrogel Disposable Temperature Probe Cover, Small 75/box

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