Mapleson Infant Resuscitation System (Disposable Non-rebreathing circuits)

This specially designed infant resuscitation system was made based on the requirements of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The following are the features of the Mapleson Infant Resuscitation System:

  • Gas inlet port for oxygen delivery
  • Patient outlet for attachment to a mask or endotracheal tube
  • Flow control valve for setting PEEP and limiting the amount of pressure that can build up in the bag
  • Pressure gauge attachment site for a pressure manometer

The MIRS has the additional safety feature of an integral pressure-limiting design to limit pressure build up if the valve is in the closed position. The port will limit the pressure to less than 35cm H20 between 5-8 LPM flow when the valve is in the closed position. This is not a pop off valve; the bleed vent is a safety feature if the valve is accidentally left in the closed position.

We also offer other non-breathing circuits of various styles and sized. Please call us to inquire!


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