Feta Med's examination gloves have a new, contemporary look with the same comfort and quality that will meet your requirements. Feta Med has a wide line of glove brands and products to address your individual preferences. Please contact us if you need more details on a specific glove product line.

With the exception of specific-size fitted gloves, all gloves are ambidextrous and packed in 100 pieces per box.

ITEM# Product Description Quantity
9822 Vibrant™ Latex Powder Free Micro-Textured 10 per case
2922 Distinct™ Latex Powder Free Honeycomb textured 10 per case
9922 Refresh™ Latex Powder Free Honeycomb textured Green Peppermint 10 per case
2822 Velocity™ Latex Powder Free Smooth Finish 10 per case
2988 Luminance™ Latex Powder Free Polymer-coated 10 per case
6992 Dimensions™ Latex Powder Free Fitted (Left & Right) 10 per case
2882 Vintage™ Latex Lightly Powdered Smooth Finish 10 per case
9982 Indulgence™ Latex Lightly Powdered Green Peppermint 10 per case
9289 Quest™ White Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves
10 per case
9399 Protégé™ Stretch Nitrile Powder Free Finger-textured 10 per case
9389 Robust™ Soft Blue Nitrile Powder Free Micro-texture 10 per case
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