Laryngoscope Blades

  • A wide variety of sizes are available.
  • Made of stainless steel.

MacIntosh Blades American Profile
The MacIntosh series laryngoscopes are the most widely used of the curved blade types. During laryngoscopy, the tip or “beak” of the blade is compressed into the angle formed by the base of the tongue and the epiglottis (vallecula), indirectly raising the epiglottis. The spatula of the blade has a smooth and gentle curve extending from the lock of the tip. In cross section, the construction resembles that of a reverse Z flange, facilitating greater access during intubation.

ITEM# Size Length Width
5-5052-00 0 (Neonate) 80mm 15mm
5-5052-01 1 (Infant) 87mm 15mm
5-5052-02 2 (Child) 108mm 15mm
5-5052-03 3 (Medium Adult) 128mm 24mm
5-5052-35 3.5 (Extra Medium Adult) 144mm 22mm
5-5052-04 4 (Large Adult) 159mm 22mm
MacIntosh Waterproof Blades
ITEM# Size Length Width
5-5401-00 0 (Neonate) 80mm 15mm
5-5401-01 1 (Infant) 87mm 15mm
5-5401-02 2 (Child) 108mm 15mm
5-5401-03 3 (Medium Adult) 128mm 24mm
5-5401-35 3.5 (Extra Medium Adult) 144mm 22mm


A modification of the English Profile blade by reducing the flange. This will enable the user to exert less force on the maxillary incisors while allowing more movement at the distal end to assist in visualizing the vocal cords. The added channel improves visualization of the cords and provides a guide through which an endotracheal tube may be inserted.

ITEM# Size Length Width
5-3071-02 2 (Child) 100mm 18mm
5-3071-03 3 (Medium Adult) 130mm 24mm
5-03071-35 3.5 (Extra Medium Adult) 145mm 25mm
5-03071-04 4 (Large Adult) 155mm 26mm


This blade design provides the extended channel to users who prefer the American Profile MacIntosh blade.

ITEM# Size Length Width
5-5054-02 2 (Child) 100mm 18mm
5-5054-03 3 (Medium Adult) 130mm 24mm
5-5054-35 3.5 (Extra Medium Adult) 145mm 25mm
5-5054-04 4 (Large Adult) 155mm 26mm


This design provides the extended viewing channel for users who prefer an extended flange in the MacIntosh blade.

ITEM# Size Length Width
5-5046-02 2 (Child) 100mm 18mm
5-5046-03 3 (Medium Adult) 130mm 24mm
5-5046-35 3.5 (Extra Medium Adult) 145mm 25mm
5-5046-04 4 (Large Adult) 155mm 26mm

Replacement Lamps

ITEM# Description
5-0234-01 Replaces sizes 0,1,2
5-0234-04 Replaces Sizes 3,3.5,4

5-0234-14 NEW! Parabolic Reflector Lamp
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