Laryngoscope Handles

Feta Med's Laryngoscope Handles come in two choices:

  • Chrome Plated Brass
  • Stainless Steel Waterproof (May immerse in disinfectant. Not necessary to remove batteries)

Laryngoscope Handles

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ITEM# Description Batteries
Chrome Plated Brass Handles
5-0237-01 Penlite Size 2 "AA"
5-0237-02 Stubby Size 2 "AA"
5-0237-03 Medium Size 2 "C"
5-0237-05 Large Size 2 "D"
5-0237-08 Mini Size 1 Lithium
Stainless Steel Waterproof Handles
5-0237-91 Penlite Size 2 "AA"
5-0237-92 Stubby Size 2 "AA"
5-0237-93 Medium Size 2 "C"

Howland Locks

Special locks that allow natural lifting to simplify laryngeal exposure, making intubation possible even in the most complicated cases. Built-in leverage prevents prying and reduces possibility of broken teeth. Adapts to all hook-on conventional laryngoscope handles and blades. Can often make an otherwise certain tracheotomy unnecessary.

ITEM# Description
5-0236-00 Stainless steel Howland Lock
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