Our Company

Feta Med, Inc. is proud to continue its tradition of delivering the very best products and services available to America’s Hospitals.

Our mission is to provide products that help Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals save and deliver better quality services to their patients.

Founded in 1967 as Hoffman Surgical Linens & Equipment Company, Hoffman merged with Associated Resource Management Services and re-emerged as Feta Med, Inc. in 2003. Feta Med has combined FETAccessories line of neonatal, labor and delivery quality products with FetaSafe safety products as we continue to expand our business and service offerings.

Feta Med is founded on the conviction that dependable service and individual attention are still priorities for America’s cost conscious hospitals.  We stand by our "What you want, when you want it" guarantee and our 40+ year tradition of helping nurses to do what they do best, Save Lives!

Check back with us as we continue to uncover the very best products and services available for your Hospital or Healthcare establishment. If you have questions about anything we sell or should sell, PLEASE call us at 800-229-FETA (3382). Our operators are ready to assist you.

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