Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensor
ITEM# Replaces
406931 MSA MiniOX(all) Cera-matec Maxtec CAG-3, 13; Hudson RCI, Datex Engtrom; Teledyne R17; Air-Shields Transport Incubator
472062 Aladdin, Nacro-Med; Datascope; Infrasonics; Teledyne; Siemens Series 300, 900 & Servo; Air-Shields C400 Incubators

Type: Galvanic

Shelf life: Sensors, as shipped, can be stored for a maximum of 6 months without degradation of life.

Life: Over one year in normal medical conditions. (750,000 O2 % hours)

Response time: 97% of final value in 20-30 seconds.

Sold Individually.

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