SplashEx® Safety Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

SplashEx® FetaMed's protective eye shields provides medical and dental professionals with safe, efficient and comfortable eye protection. For use in the Nursery, NICU, and PICU.

FetaMed's SplashEx ®:

  • Provides front and side shield protection
  • Our reusable frame comes in a variety of colors
  • Are made with your comfort in mind - Their lightweight nature make them suitable for extended work sessions. (lens and frame weigh less than one-third of an ounce)
  • Work well over eyeglasses and can be worn with a surgical mask
  • Provides low distortion, optical grade lenses, with UV tinted and laser shielding lens options available
  • Allows you to recycle reusable components and sterilize them if desired
  • Promotes compliance with OSHA regulations


The SplashEx® EyeShield™ line of products is available in a variety of packaging options to our customers' many needs. We strive to best provide cost-effectiveness and convenience to our customers!

SplashEx® EyeShield™ Dispens-a-Lens
Our compact dispenser box, measuring only 9" x 3" x 7/8" contains 100 disposable, clear lenses and has been designed to best fit in a drawer or on a counter-top.

ITEM# Replaces Quantity
SP100 Part# 9210-100 100 per dispenser box

SplashEx® EyeShield™ Frames
Designed as the "reusable" component of SplashEx® EyeShield™. Clean frames with disinfectant or sterilize for re-use.

ITEM# Quantity
9211-100 100 per case

SplashEx® EyeShield™ Neck Straps
With the SplashEx® Neck Straps, you will never have to worry about misplacing your EyeShieldagain. The neck straps allow you to drape the EyeShield™ around your neck to keep it within reach at all times. They are colorful and lightweight and fits perfectly onto the ends of the  EyeShield™ Frames.

ITEM# Quantity
9505-50 50 per case

SplashEx® Disposable FaceShields™
The SplashEx® Disposable FaceShield™ is a complete, one-piece, face shield that includes an optical-grade lens, foam headband, and adjustable elastic strap to ensure a comfortable fit.

ITEM# Quantity
FS850-120 120 per case

SplashEx® SideShield™
The reusable SplashEx® SideShield™ provides side-eye protection for wearers of prescription eyeglasses. The Sideshield™ threads easily into existing eyewear and is conveniently packaged in reclosable bags.

ITEM# Quantity
9810-50 50 per case
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