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Endotracheal Tube Guide
Feta Med's Slick® Stylet is made of malleable coated wire that holds its shape to facilitate intubation. The specially formulated nylon coating does not crack or peel while allowing for smooth tube insertion. The stylet is fitted with a stopper that helps maintain the desired stylet position within the endotracheal tube. For added convenience and economy of space, Slick® Stylet is available pre-assembled in an endotracheal tube.

Our Slick® Stylet comes with the following features:

  • Available in 3 color coded sizes for easy identification
  • Handle forming capability for a better grip
  • Sterile, single use device
  • Malleable coated wire
  • Latex-free

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ITEM# Size Fits Quantity
500 Pediatric Size. 6Fr
2.0-3.5mm tubes 25
750 Small Adult Size. 8Fr
4.0-6.5mm tubes 25
1000 Adult Size. 10Fr
7.0-10.0mm tubes 25

Feta Med's Slick Set®

Our Slick Set® Tube is loaded with stylet inside. Our high quality endotracheal tube with a preloaded Slick® Stylet is ready to use saving you time and storage space.  The following are the features:

  • Corkstyle topper helps maintain stylet position
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Latex-free
  • Available in a full range of size
  • Options of cuffed or uncuffed slick sets
  • Safety Clear PlusMurphy eye endotracheal tube

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Slick Set® - Pre-loaded Uncuffed ET Tube
ITEM# Size/Internal Diameter Quantity
150020 2.0mm 10
150025 2.5mm 10
150030 3.0mm 10
150035 3.5mm 10
150040 4.0mm 10
150045 4.5mm 10
150050 5.0mm 10
150055 5.5mm 10
Slick Set® - Pre-loaded Cuffed ET Tube
ITEM# Size/Internal Diameter Quantity
170050 5.0mm 10
170055 5.5mm 10
170060 6.0mm 10
170065 6.5mm 10
170070 7.0mm 10
170075 7.5mm 10
170080 8.0mm 10
170085 8.5mm 10
170090 9.0mm 10
170095 9.5mm 10
1700100 10.0mm 10

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