Vacuum Assists

Vacuum Assists

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IFU and Contraindications

Feta Med's sterile, single-use GentleVac™ Vacuum Assist Cup is used to facilitate delivery in term or near term infants. The disposable device enables traction to be applied to the fetal head, in the birth canal, by means of a suction cup attached to the scalp.

Vacuum applied to the cup by an external source, either an electric vacuum pump or hand held vacuum pump.

Product Features:

  • Sterile, disposable synthetic rubber product - latex free
    (both opaque and translucent cups)

  • Pliable for easy insertion

  • Special internal channeling provides uniform vacuum around circumference of cup (minimizes risk of cephalohematoma)

  • Concentric gripping rings assure firm grip in gloved hands

  • Fixed visual and tactile positional reference molded into cup handle

  • Connector included for use with hand-operated vacuum pump

  • Cup measures 60mm across diameter and has an overall length of 180mm (cup plus gripping handle)

  • Includes six feet of tubing

ITEM# Description Quantity
17420 GentleVac™ Vacuum Assist Cup, single-use, sterile 10 per Box
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